Sorry I been a bit complacent with the blog writing, but something happened with the layout of my page and I got a bit discouraged plus I've been doing a lot of writing and beatmaking so I been putting a lot of my energy into that. But I'll get back on track, anyhow, sparring last week.

I wrote this for our staff blog about our event at Bowman High School

Wow, Bowman, WOW! Our event last week at Bowman High School was something that transformed what my vision of what Roadtrip Nation could truly be, and impacted me beyond what I could have ever imagined. It changed what I thought possible of my own effect on students, it gave me self confidence, it gave me a greater sense of purpose to what I'm doing in life, and it left me inspired more than ever from the students that we met, and their stories that left me in admiration of students who while much younger me, carried so much life experience. To be able to see the movement Bowman High School is creating was such a humbling experience, and anyway I spin it in my head, it leaves me grateful to those students and the teachers and faculty there, who have the strongest and most sincere student to teacher/faculty bond I've ever witnessed, and felt.

Being able to speak with Mariana and share our stories of such a defining time in our lives, and seeing the response of the students, without a doubt brought our roadtrip experience full circle. I can say with definite certainty, that some of what I was seeking while roadtripping in New Zealand was found at Bowman High School while sharing and learning from their students. In addition to that, we had some of the most influential leaders of the surrounding community come out, and share their stories with the students through interviews, and it was so powerful to see the students take ownership of the interviews trough asking their own questions. I think it's safe to say that even in their earnest beginnings, Brian, Mike, Nate, and Amanda, could never have imagined that their roadtrip could have ever culminated into something this powerful!

The students at Bowman carry a wisdom beyond their years, with an abundance of talents. From singers, to guitar players, to battle emcees, to screamo band frontmen, to avid fishermen, to artists, to those with an unyielding passion for sports, and those now hungry to find their passion, the whole RTN crew knew we were witnessing something powerful in motion, a whole wave of students defining their own roads in life.

Check out the article they did on our visit!

Oh Man. We have a Roadtrip Nation event tomorrow at Bowman High School in Valencia. It's the first continuation school in the state to use our curriculum, and I can't explain how excited and hyped I am. It's crazy cause it's like when Mike was talking right before Anbu Black Ops went on stage that he hadn't felt that nervousness in 2 years, like it was the moment he got to really put out himself and really felt like he was doing what he was meant to be doing within dance. That's how I feel about this chance to speak to the Bowman kids. Knowing that these kids have and will go through trials and tribulations that I never will, makes them leaders and above me in my eyes. I want them to know how just by being them and having lived their lives, they already are a story, and are role models, for pushing through every wall that gets in front of them, and I just want to pour every single ounce of what I can into them with hopes that they go on to be better one hundred times over more than what I can achieve. I've spoken a bunch of times to high school students, and definitely I want to relay to those kids just how much they can achieve, but after hearing what these kids have gone through, and how much the school is putting in to having us there, I truly in my heart feel like this is one of those moments that I have the chance to experience my purpose while I'm here on earth, and I plan on bringing it with everything I got. It's nuts how nervous/excited/determined I'm feeling right now, never thought I would feel this outside of anything sports related..

Diggin the rub a dub step lately! Love the grime

Been working on being a bit more deliberate and relaxing when the punches come in and keeping my guard up. I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable in the ring. But still need to build up my stamina.